Digital Marketing Training

Work as a freelance marketer, acquire a high-paying job, become an affiliate marketer, or start your own business, after completing this course.

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Introduction of Digital Marketing

Understand the basic concepts of digital marketing, career scopes, and more in this section.

Key Learnings:

Digital Marketing Concept

Offline v/s Online Advertising

Scopes and Career Opportunities

Methods & Channels

Digital Marketing Simplified

Top 5 Digital Marketing Tools

Duration: 2 hrs

Assignments: 02

Setup a Website

Learn how to use WordPress to create an engaging and appealing website.

Key Learnings:

WordPress v/s Wix

Web Hosting and Domain Setup

Themes, Widgets and Plugins in WordPress

Customization and settings in WordPress

Adding security via plugin

Free SSL Integration

Adding Premium WordPress theme

Duration: 5 hrs

Free Website: 1

Market Research

Learn to identify the needs and desires of the target audience, research competitors, and stay up to date on industry trends,

Key Learnings:

Find target audience

Find competitors

Understand market trends

Website audit

How to use market research tools

Market research reports

Duration: 2 hrs

Assignments: 1


You’ll learn how to choose keywords and conduct keyword research, as well as how to analyze consumer perceptions and search behavior, and how to do on-page SEO analysis to find opportunities to improve a website’s search optimization.

Key Learnings:

Keyword Research

Basic SEO

Technical SEO

On-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO

Local SEO

Duration: 5 hrs

Beginners to Advance

Social Media Marketing

People use social media on a daily basis. Learn what it is and how you may benefit from these networks.

Key Learnings:

Business Account and Page Setup

Facebook Marketing

Instagram Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing

Quora Marketing

Youtube Marketing

Duration: 10 hrs

Beginners to Advance

E-Commerce Marketing

Learn to drive traffic to online store, turning that traffic into paying customers and keeping those customers once they make a purchase.

Key Learnings:

Finding, analyzing and driving traffic online

Designing an advanced structure of a successful eCommerce and Marketing plan

Social media marketing on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest

Duration: 3 hrs


Paid Advertising

Learn about online advertising platforms. know how to setup ad campaign. Understand outcomes. Report analysis and more.

Key Learnings:

Online advertising overview

Google Ads

Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads

LinkedIn Ads

Ads on other platforms

Duration: 5 hrs

Beginners to Advance


Track and analyze website traffic. Prepare custom reports.

Key Learnings:

Analyze Google analytics data

Understand terminologies

Customize reports

Set and monitor goals

Discover the right platforms for marketing

Duration: 2 hrs


Marketing Automation

Learn to automate some of the marketing activities like emailing, messaging, and even calling.

Key Learnings:

Concept of Automation in Digital Marketing

Email Automation

Message Automation

Call Automation

Duration: 2 hrs


Projects & Case Study

Work on real-world projects and case studies from various business sectors are used to better understand industry requirements and what works well to meet those objectives.

Duration: 6 hrs

Projects: 2